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Our Fertile Black Copper Marans Eggs are truly a farm favorite. These beautiful eggs boast a rich, dark chocolate brown color and are prized for their exceptional flavor and nutrition. When hens hatch, they have a finite amount of this pigment or coloring in their body. Initially, the pigment is more concentrated, resulting in darker eggs. As the hens age and lay eggs, their supply of pigment is reduced and their eggs lighten in color, but this does not affect the quality or flavor of the eggs.  All of our stock is and was hatched from our darkest eggs.  Our eggs will typically be 6, 7, 8 or even an occasional 9 in color and will enhance your flock's genetics, whether you simply want darker brown eggs, darker olive-colored eggs, or great quality chickens.


Most importantly, we take pride in collecting and shipping only the freshest, most viable dark eggs to ensure the highest hatchability rate possible. Every Fertile Black Copper Marans Egg order is carefully packed and shipped within 36 hours of first being laid!   And we charge a flat shipping rate of $35 per dozen eggs.  We encourage you to contact us with questions about incubation and hatching.  We will do our best to respond quickly and answer your questions if we can.


We offer amazing quality at a VERY affordable price. Spending more on your investment does not mean you are getting more quality, darker eggs, and breeder honesty.


We charge a flat rate shipping fee of $35.00 PER DOZEN EGGS.


Shipping will be at a rate of $35 per dozen eggs and if more than a dozen eggs are not available at the time of shipping, then you will have the option to cancel the order for the remaining eggs or wait until the next shipping date.

Fertile Black Copper Marans Eggs

  • Healthy, freshly-laid eggs will be specially packaged for shipping, however Thornfield Poultry is not responsible for any damage which might occur during shipping. Thornfield Poultry is also not responsible for any eggs which do not hatch, if USPS Priority Espress Mail, guaranteed to arrive by a date specified at shipping, is not selected. USPS Priority Mail shipping is not guaranteed.

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