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Thornfield Black Copper Marans chickens
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Buy healthy, beautiful, top-quality Black Copper Marans chickens, Silver Appleyard ducks, and African Dewlap geese.

Chicks, fertile eggs, ducklings, and goslings may be picked up or shipped.
We are
proud to be NPIP certified and ship our hatchlings and eggs with NPIP certificates.

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Black Copper Marans hens



Our Story

We sell

Hearty, beautiful, top quality

Our Marans free-range during the day through natural pastureland and shady hardwoods and evergreens.


The ducks and geese share a substantial enclosed area with a spring-fed pond and creek surrounded by lush grass and large hardwoods.


All of our feathered friends are closely watched by our livestock guardian dogs, Cooper, Emma, Willow, and our newest addition in 2023, a rescue Great Pyr named Kobi.

Black Copper Marans hen


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What's important to us

Bird quality, health, and happiness are important to us.

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We are not a ‘factory’ or mass producer.  Our focus, instead, is on perpetuating the best qualities of these selective breeds in accordance with the Standards of Perfection.

Thornfield Poultry is NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certified; the North Carolina Department of Agriculture regularly tests our birds to ensure they are healthy and free of Avian Influenza and Pullorum/Fowl Typhoid diseases.

All of our birds free-range during the day through natural, unfenced pasture and shady hardwoods and evergreens.  They have easy access to ample clean water and are closely watched by our livestock guardian dogs, Cooper, Emma, and our newest addition, Willow.

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