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As we look forward to our 2024 season, we are again offering our
Early Bird Deposit to secure your place in our Order Fulfillment Queue.
The Early Bird discount code applies the deposit to your purchase during checkout and will be emailed on February 1st.
All Early Bird orders must be completed by March 1st. 

As we all know, prices have gone up exponentially, especially with livestock and poultry feed.  Over the years, Thornfield Heritage Farm, aka Thornfield Poultry, has worked hard to keep our prices lower than our competitors to give more folks access to quality Marans laying beautiful chocolate eggs.  Unfortunately, the economy is such that we must increase our prices significantly this year. 
We anticipate our chicks will be priced at $40 each and our eggs at $20 each. 
We appreciate our repeat customers so much and
those in good standing will receive a 15% loyalty discount. 
Contact me directly at 919-302-5921 if you are a
repeat customer and wish to place another order.

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