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I want to announce some exciting news, but first I want to make an apology to all those who have placed orders with Thornfield Poultry this year and at the end of last year.  My customer service has been far below the level I have always tried to provide to my customers in the past, and I am so very, very sorry for that.  My husband's cancer relapsed in January and my concentration has not been on my poultry or my customers.  In all honesty, I had not fully recovered from the 2 years of treatment and recovery we went through following his first diagnosis.  In the first seven weeks after his relapse, Garry spent 6 of them in the hospital.  Unfortunately, he is not eligible for a stem cell transplant, so this week, he begins CAR T-cell immunotherapy.  This is a relatively new treatment that Duke has only been using for five years.  With the toxic reactions he has had to his chemo, he will require close monitoring.  The doctors do not want me even to leave him alone once he returns home.  For the first two weeks or so after he returns home, I will be taking him to the clinic for blood work, mental evaluations, and transfusions if necessary.  I know that is likely more info than you wanted, but I want to explain the upcoming demands in my life and reason for my decision to sell Thornfield Poultry.  Most importantly, my desire to be at my husband's side is more important than anything else.

That said, I am excited to announce that Sean Hussey of Oklahoma has purchased Thornfield Poultry and my Black Copper Marans.  Sean has already relocated Thornfield Poultry stock to his NPIP poultry farm in Oklahoma and will be shipping from there.  He will only be breeding and supplying chicks, eggs, and adult chickens from the genetics I have worked so hard over the years to produce.  This was not an easy decision for me, but Sean has also vowed to maintain the high level of customer support and quality of product that I have always tried to provide.

While we get the website transferred, products may not be ordered from  But Sean and I encourage you to email him at so that he can let you know when the website resumes accepting orders.

I want to extend a special thanks to all of my customers over the years, ESPECIALLY the frequent fliers for their loyalty and repeat business!  I have developed wonderful friendships with many of you and hope we will stay in touch.  Hugs to all and best wishes to you and your feathered friends.  Feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns, or just to say hi and tell me about your poultry.  My email in future will be

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