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The fabulous gourmet flavor and texture of Marans eggs is not as widely appreciated in the United States as it is in Europe, so Thornfield Poultry wants to acknowledge and thank our local chefs who prefer our Marans chicken eggs.  We also want to acknowledge and thank our local chefs who prefer our Silver Appleyard duck eggs..

Scroll down for more about our local patrons and click on the link for delicious

Marans and duck egg RECIPES,

many of which were contributed by our patrons!

Mothers & Sons


Partners Matt Kelly and Josh “Skinny” DeCarolis are proud to offer Mothers & Sons, a trattoria in downtown Durham featuring regional Italian food with seasonal sensibility. DeCarolis introduces the first restaurant in the South to focus on fatta a mano—handmade pasta using Marans eggs from Thornfield Poultry.  


bar de tapas

Mateo bar de tapas
features a menu that blends the flavors of Spain with beloved ingredients and dishes of the South. They offer a casual, yet refined, menu of Spanish small plates with a Southern inflection.  Crispy Frito Y Huevo is one of the signature dishes made with Thornfield duck eggs!

Photos coming soon.

Vin Rouge

The moment you step inside this authentic French Bistro, you’ll think you’re in Southern France. As one of The Triangle’s most critically acclaimed restaurants, Vin Rouge has consistently ranked in the top tier of “Best Of” lists by the local and national press.

Vin Rouge uses Thornfield Poultry Silver Appleyard duck eggs.

Photos coming soon.


Executive Chef Todd Whitney’s food is inspired by French tradition and seasonal, local products. The dinner menu features Chef Whitney’s take on classic Bistro food, while also offering an ever changing Prix Fixe option composed of local and seasonal products. The popular lunch and brunch menus, feature classic French sandwiches, crêpes, and salads.

Thornfield Poultry recognizes & thanks

Barnes Supply Co.


for their great service, support, quality feed & supplies!

Barnes Logo Black with Webpage.jpg

Photo coming soon . . .

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